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Touch sweitch ON/OFF with dimming function

Input voltage: 12V-24VDC

Output voltage: 12V-24VDC

Input current 8A

Load aroudn 96W for 12V, or 192W for 24V


Height of the spring:20mm

V+-DC input positive

V- -DC input negative

LED+ - Out put to LED Strip positive

LED- -Out ut to LES strip negative


Operation: The conductive spring needs to be covered by insulation material such as glass, plastic or ceramic material. Thickness <3mm

Non-memory - Touch Switch performs as below

11) Originally "off" when the pwer is connected

2) Quick Touch ( time is less than 550ms) can adjust the brightness endlessly. It will reduce the brightness endlessly to the minimum in 3 seconds holding on when the light is on. It will increase the brightness endlessly to 100% in 3 seconds holding on when the light is off.

4) Quick touch and Hold on touching can be chosen anytime without any collision




12V 96W - 24V 192W Low Voltage Strip Light Internal Touch Sensor - TD002 8A

SKU: TD002 8A
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