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-On/Off + dimming function

-Input valtage 12V-24VDC

-Output voltage 12V-24VDC

-Input current 4A

-Load around 48W for 12V, or 96W for 24V

-Input and output cable length:DC wire 15cm( Customized length can be ordered)


Non-memory External switch on/off and dimmer:

1) Originally "Off" when the power is connected.

2) Quick Touch (time is less than 550ms)can turn the light on and off. One touch to turn on; another touch to turn off. The lamp is 90% bright when it is on.

3) Hold on touching (time is above 550ms) can adjust the brigtness endlessly. It will reduce the brightness endlessly to the minimum in 3 seconds holding on when the light is on. It will increase the brightness endlessly yo 100% in 3 seconds holding on when the light is off.

4) Quick touch and Hold on touching can be chosen anytime without any collision.


Cut a 18mm hole at the fixture

Put the detector head into the 18mm hole

Connector wires to the input endoutput end of the control PCB

Touch Sensor Surface Mounting - TD006

SKU: TD006
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