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-Product features:

RF Mini led controller has 5 types, which form a series. The products of this series can be used to control five types of light bars: Dimmer, Color temperature, RGB, RGBW, RGB+CCT.

The main features of the controller are:

1. Compact body and convenient wiring;

2. Simple and clear operation, comfortable button feel;

3. Diversified dynamic mode;

4. Soft dimming effect.

- Technical Parameters:

Working temperature: -20-60 C

Input voltage: DC5-24V

Controller size: L55.7xW 16.6x H10.7mm

21 keys controller: Net weight:35g, Gross weight :40g

28 keys controller: Net weight:40g, Gross weight: 45g

RF frequency: 433.92 Mhz

Output current: Max 6A

Singgle Color: 1CH*6A,CCT: 2CH*3A, RGB: 3CH*2A, RGBW:6A, RGB+CCT: 6A

Output power: 5V<:30W 12V<:72W 24V:144W

Remote battery: 1 PCS* CR2025 aluminum cell

RF Wireless LED Strip Light Controller

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