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Automatically ON/OFF

Inpur voltage 12V-24VDC

Output voltage 12V-24VDC

Input current 4A

Load around 48W for 12V, or 96W for 24V

Input and output cable length : 25 cm

LED sensor detector cable length:1m 

PIR Sensor Switch PIR006B is to be asembled into lighting fixtures, so the lighting fixutre can be autmaticaly turn on when any part of human body is approaching within 2 meters from the sensor

The lighting fixture equipped with this PIR Sensor will stay   on if the human body stays within 2 meters from the sensor

It will turn off in 40 seconds after human body move away more than 2 meters.



12V 48W 24V 96W Low Voltage Recessed Mount PIR Motion Sensor - PIR006B

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